6 World's Smallest Tomato
6 World's Smallest Tomato
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Not everyone has room to grow tomato plants, especially large ones. That’s why growing mini tomatoes is so great. These not only take up less space since they’re well suited to containers, but they’re quite tasty. There’s a whole lot of flavor packed into these scrumptious mini bites

Like their larger relatives, mini tomato plants don’t like soggy feet. Adding an inch of gravel or packing peanuts to the bottom will help improve drainage. Fill the pot with the growing medium of your choice. Pre-fertilized container mixes are perfect for growing micro tomatoes, but if you choose unenhanced potting soil or a soilless mixture, you’ll have to add a slow release fertilizer or water regularly with a weak solution of the water soluble type. That’s all there is to it. You’re ready to plant.

Plant the World's Smallest Tomato and enjoy a great flavor and easy to grow plant that will provide you with the smallest tomatoes ever.

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