3 - Wild Thyme Herb Plants For SaleWild thyme is a creeping dwarf evergreen shrub with woody stems and a taproot. It forms matlike plants that root from the nodes of the squarish, limp stems. The leaves are in opposite pairs, nearly stalkless, with linear elliptic round-tipped blades and untoothed margins. The plant sends up erect flowering shoots in summer.
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Wild Thyme is harvested as plants form the woods. Wild Thyme is shipped as a plant with roots and stems and leaves. Wild Thyme comes above ground early April. Then we must walk the forest and find it. Wild Thyme likes the filtered sun light that the trees provide. If you do not have filtered sun light, then plant your Wild Thyme in morning sun light and afternoon shade.

Wild Thyme has great flavor and easy to harvest. Just clip the branches and dry and save. Wild Thyme will grow new replacement leaves quickly. Keep the leaves on the branches till the leaves are dry and crisp. Then store in paper bag or container to be used with your favorite recipes.

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