3 - Thai Basil  -- Purple Flower and  Bright Green Leaves
3 - Thai Basil -- Purple Flower and Bright Green Leaves
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Product Description

Thai Basil Herb Plants For Sale. Herb plants are easy to grow. Plant in fertile sandy loam soil that drains well. Plant in a container or plant to your garden or walk way. The Thai smells oh so good. And so easy to use in any recipe.

Thai Basil plants for sale, will grow about 2 1/3 feet tall and about 1 1/2 feet wide. Get the Wow Wow Factor when planted along a walk way or in a container. Clip the leaves when they are young or if they have been standing for a while. Dry them while still on the branch. The branches that have been cut off will return in a few weeks. This is a "no care plant" that will return each season giving you that great smell and basil for cooking. Make a great house plant as well.

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