Strawberry Tea For Plants - Feed Your Plants
Strawberry Tea For Plants - Feed Your Plants
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Product Description

Strawberry Compost Tea. This is a fast and easy way to give your Strawberry Plants all the nutrients that they need to be disease resistant and producing all season. No cooking manure!! No spilling the stinky stuff all over you.

Here the fast efficient way to use the Strawberry Tea on all your plants. Take 3 - 4 tablespoons and place in a one gallon container and place in the sun. Leave the container in the sun for about 3 hours.

Now use in place of watering your Strawberry Plants for sale. The Strawberry Tea is all organic and provides all the necessary nutrients for Strawberry Plant. Use the Strawberry Tea as often as you like. The Strawberry Tea has no chemicals and therefore no build up in the soil. The Strawberry Plants take up the nutrients right away. No waiting on compost to break down for the Strawberry Plants to eat.

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