Strawberry Plant Food - Keep Your Plants Happy and Producing All Seaon
Strawberry Plant Food - Keep Your Plants Happy and Producing All Seaon
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Strawberry Plants are heavy feeder. They like to be fed about every two weeks. The fastest and easiest way to feed your Strawberry Plants is to sprinkle about 4 tablespoons of Strawberry Plant Food at the base of your Strawberry plant.

As you water and it rains the Strawberry Plant Food will work it self down into the soil and feed the roots. A tip on feeding Strawberry Plants For Sale. No what kind of plant you are feeding go out from the main stem. The reason being is that the root has spread out under the soil. It is the root that you want to feed. Remember to feed your plants and they will be disease free and reward you with great harvests each season.

Why Feed Your Plants. Strawberry Plants need water to make sweet berries. However when the Strawberry Plants only take up water and no nutrients the berries are more susceptible to disease. The nutrients in the Strawberry Plant Food keeps the plants in balance. They are not just taking up water but nutrients as well.


 10 - Ever bearing Strawberry Plants
10 - Everbearing Strawberry Plants Plant the strawberries so the crown is just above the soil, as burying the crown causes it to rot. Space the plants at least 5 inches apart with 42 inches between rows.

Never buy Strawberry Plants again. And here is the reason why. Ever bearing Strawberry Plant not only make berries from June till frost. They also make many runners. The runners are baby plants that develop very quickly to Mother plants. Sweet tender fruit and plenty of replacement plants.
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