Welcome to our 35 year old Asparagus Farm that provides top quality 3-Year Asparagus Root and Crowns for your garden. Plant Asparagus either Fall or early Spring.

Asparagus Gardener
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Shipping is provide by USPS Priority Mail 2-3 delivery. Spring orders take longer to process as we are dependent on Mother Nature and the weather. Order early starting June 1 for shipping in the Fall 2018 or for shipping in the Spring 2019.

Tracking Number: Once your Order has been prepared and ready to ship you will receive a Tracking Number.

Refunds, Returns and Cancellation Policies: No what you are ordering. If you have questions call us before you order and we can go over the details. 931- 254-0972 Know how to plant. We do not support any type of planting instructions other than what is on the 65 pages on the web site. http://www.asparagusgardener.com.

Once your order has been placed we do not refund orders. It is yours to either plant or give away. We do not give refunds or plant exchanges for plants or roots that do not grow. It is your responsibility to know how to plant and soil requirements. We ship fresh dug roots that have already sprouted and come above ground at our Asparagus Farm, so we know they are a live when shipped.

The Strawberry plants have already sprouted and flowered. We do not accept returns as these are live plants and roots and would not be viable upon return. We do not cancel orders. Once the order is placed it is yours to do as you like.

Shipping: April and May are very busy months. Orders are process according to the date on the order. For example, if you ordered in Nov for early Spring shipping, your order will ship according to your zone and the date on your order. Those that order late will come after all those that have ordered early. This is the only fair way to do it.

Gardeners order early and trust us with their money and that we will ship their order in the Fall or Spring. We must honor that in a timely fashion. Those that order late will not be shipped before those that have ordered early. We can not accept offers to ship late orders first. No time share, no free gifts, no vacations spots will be accepted.

Weather: If it should rain here at the farm we can not get the roots and plants out of the fields till it dries out . Therefore your order may be delayed slightly. All roots and plants are dug daily and shipped same day.

Inspection: Orders are viedo Recorded To Better Serve You: Every order has an Inspection paper with number. We vedio record all orders to better serve you. The recording shows every thing that went into your box. This is the easy way to check if your order is complete.

Questions: Contact us at 931-254-0972 or asparagusfarm2018@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. We ship according to your gardening zone. Order on first come first serve basis.

2. Order early.

3. Orders are pre - paid at the time you order. This is called "Save Me Some". We sell out fast and Save Me Program helps you know that your order is saved. And the Save Me Some Program keeps us from over selling.

4. Shipping is USPS only. Fast and easy and insured.

5. Call us anytime 931-931-254-0972.

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