Grapes - Concord Purple - Heimhold White
Anyone can grow Grapes me, you, the inexperienced gardener, as well as the most experience. In all my years of farming I had not considered growing Grapes till about 8 years ago when I read about all the health benefits from both the white and black Grapes. I was hooked.

I planted 4 Grape plants and now grow many so others can enjoy the same delightful experience. First, the Grape plants are a "don't care - leave me a lone" type of plant. Just plant in any climate hot or cold makes no difference.

Second, the soil must drain well and have a fair amount of nutrients in it. Grapes are a mysterious garden statement that will add adventure to your garden.

Third, once planted they take "no care". Water moderately and just watch them grow. Concord Grapes grow well in all climates. They are a dark purple that are sweet and a great producer. The Heimrod are a White Grape that are sweet and makes a great table Grape or make your own white wine.

The Grape vines are 2 years old. So plant and get ready to harvest Grapes at the end of the summer or early fall. Plant white or black Grapes. Either way plant Grapes and enjoy years of great harvest.

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