Comfrey Tea
Comfrey Tea
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Comfrey Plant Tea. Comfrey plants are grown at our Asparagsus Farm. The leaves are harvested and made into tea. Gardeners across the universe have used these leaves for years.

Why use Comfrey Tea? The Comfry plant is the only plant that contains every organic vitamin and mineral that plants need to grow and be healthy.

First, Comfry is the only plant that makes all the necessary minerals and vitamins needed by plants. Everything made in one Comfry plant. The Comfry plant is easy to grow. Throw some compost and peat moss into the soil and plant the Comfry plants about 3 inches deep. Make sure the soil drains well as Comfry doesn't need much water. Comfry is one of the fist plants to welcome Spring. Let the Comfry plants grow long leaves till mid summer and then harvest and make Tea for your self as well as for all your garden plants.


 1 - Artichoke Garden Tea For Plants
We base our growing policy on the idea of "from the earth to the earth". Use the Artichoke Tea as often as you like as there are no chemicals in the Tea. Easy to make just add water. This Artichoke Tea can be used on all our garden plants. Artichoke Garden Tea has been professionally designed to include all the necessary ingredients to make the best Organic Artichoke plant tea.

The Artichoke Garden Tea is made right here at our Asparagus Farm and available to you thru our Asparagus Garden Farm Store.

Artichokes are big eaters and like to be fed the Artichoke Tea about every 3 weeks. Use the Artichoke Tea in place of watering. Use as often as you like as the Artichoke Tea contains no chemicals just all organic. All the Teas are formulated with all organic materials. Each Tea is also formulated to the needs of that particular plant's requirements. Grow safe healthy plants give the Garden Tea.
Comfrey Plant
Comfrey Plant
Comfry plant is sold as a root. The root comes as pieces to be planted in either a container or directly to your garden. Some tips on Comfry: First the plant is a gorgeous landscape plant that makes leaves about 2 - 3 feet long. When winter sets in the plant will die back yet return with the first signs of Spring. Plant so that the Comfrey plant has room to expand. It will send up babies right next to the Mother plant.
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