3 - Basil Dark Purple Opal Plants For Sale
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Product Description

3 - Dark Purple Basil Opal is a striking "eye catcher" as well as it has great flavor. The stems are dark purple and flowers are a soft pink. An amazing herb plant. This herb plant will grow about 2 1/2 feet tall and about 2 feet wide. This plant is so attractive that you will not want to clip the branches for drying. But go ahead clip the branches. The plant grows fast and will replace them in no time. Dark Purple Basil will continue grow from early Spring up till frost. If you have a sunny window this plant makes a great house plant as well.

Dark Purple Basil Opal has the same growing requirements as all the other varieties of Basil. Plant in a sandy loam soil that has old compost, some sand, a little peat moss and plant and just let it grow. The Dark Purple Opal Basil is a "no care" type of plant. Just some sun, light watering and feed the Asparagus Tea or give Asparagus plant food once or twice a month. The Tea and Food are all organic therefore can be use as often as you like. The Purple Basil really like the Tea and they will let you know that by the deep purple color in there leaves.

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