25 - Baby Asparagus Roots Crowns
25 - Baby Asparagus Roots Crowns
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Baby Knight, Giant, Heirloom, Supreme. These are small young roots a great way to introduce Asparagus to your garden. These roots are young and will need about 2 more years before they will produce edible size spears. Plant and forget them for a while. Then one day you will have a whole garden full of sweet tender spears.


25 - Jersey Giant  2 Year
Click On the Picture For A Better View. 25 - Jersey Giant Asparagus Roots and Crowns For Sale. Plant 2 Year Jersey Giant this season and harvest finger size spears in one year.

Remember to add the Asparagus Plant Food into your soil. The Plant Food will provide all the necessary nutrients for the Asparagus roots to grow happy and healthy.

The Asparagus Garden Tea can be used in place of watering. And as often as you like. The Tea is all organic therefore no chemical build up in your soil. It is absorbed instantly into the root. No need to wait for the compost to break down to feed your Asparagus.
25 - Jersey Giant 2 Year 2ypsup
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