2 - Elephant Garlic Clove
Item# 23245

Product Description

Elephant Garlic Clove. Plant Elephant Garlic Clove in a soil that has lots of old compost. The more the organic the soil the happier the Elephant Garlic will be.

For example Garlic like rotted leave mulch- rotted compost. And if you can get some sheep or goat manure and mix in some hay is great. A good place to look for animal compost is you local farm store.

They usually have a list of farmers who have animal compost.Check around it is worth the effort to find animal compost.

Plant Elephant Garlic clove about 2 inches deep. Water just moderately. Plant Elephant Garlic in between your garden plants and keep those garden pests at bay.

All garlic release sulfur into the air. Bugs and pest don't like the smell nor the taste of garlic and will find their home in another garden not yours.

Feed your Elephant Garlic Asparagus Garden Tea about every 3 weeks. All garlic are about an 8 months crop. Harvest Elephant Garlic early Fall when planted early Spring.

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