1- Asparagus Garden Tea  - All Organic
1- Asparagus Garden Tea - All Organic
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 1 - Artichoke Garden Tea For Plants
We base our growing policy on the idea of "from the earth to the earth". Use the Artichoke Tea as often as you like as there are no chemicals in the Tea. Easy to make just add water. This Artichoke Tea can be used on all our garden plants. Artichoke Garden Tea has been professionally designed to include all the necessary ingredients to make the best Organic Artichoke plant tea.

The Artichoke Garden Tea is made right here at our Asparagus Farm and available to you thru our Asparagus Garden Farm Store.

Artichokes are big eaters and like to be fed the Artichoke Tea about every 3 weeks. Use the Artichoke Tea in place of watering. Use as often as you like as the Artichoke Tea contains no chemicals just all organic. All the Teas are formulated with all organic materials. Each Tea is also formulated to the needs of that particular plant's requirements. Grow safe healthy plants give the Garden Tea.
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