2 - Rhubarb Crimson Red
2 - Rhubarb Crimson Red
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Rhubarb plants, roots, also called Rhubarb rhizomes for sale. Rhubarb is a long time garden favorite. Benjamin Franklin was one of the first to bring Rhubarb to the colonies. Rhubarb has maintained its popularity ever since.

Rhubarb is also know as the "Pie Plant". And here's the reason why: Eat Rhubarb raw or make a pie filling, ice cream, bagels, jelly, jam, cookies, and Jello deserts. The ideas for Rhubarb desert recipes are endless.

Plant Rhubarb this season and enjoy years of great harvest. Red Rhubarb adds color to the garden as well to any recipe. Red Rhubarb plants for sale have the same tangy flavor as the green Rhubarb.

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