1 - Asparagus Organic Plant  Food
1 - Asparagus Organic Plant Food
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Buy Organic Asparagus Plant Food. How to grow healthy Asparagus plants year after year. The best preventative against plant disease is to feed them on a regular 3 month plan. The Asparagus grow about 2 inches a day. To keep up that growth rate they need a good organic plant food. The Asparagus Plant Food will provide them with the nutrients they need to build up a productive immune system. Grow healthy disease free Asparagus plants.

Either mix the Asparagus Plant Food into your soil at the time of planting or plant and then spread the Asparagus Plant Food around the top of the soil.


1 Artichoke Plant Food -
Artichoke Plant Food. Give your Artichoke plants the best to produce great Artichokes. This Artichoke Plant Food is made right here at our Farm. It has been formulated with the right amount of P, K , N, and Phosphorus for producing great Artichokes.

Mix a handful into the bottom of the hole that you are planting the Artichokes in. Or just add the Artichoke plant food to the top of the soil and let the Artichoke plant food seep into the soil as you water or it rains.
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 1 - Organic Asparagus Plant Food Apply early Spring or Fall When Planting
Asparagus Plant Food. Growing healthy Asparagus plants begins with feeding your Asparagus plants good organic plant food. Mix the Asparagus Plant Food into your soil or add as a top dressing to the soil after planting. Either way you choose will be fine . Just be sure to feed your Asparagus plants Asparagus Organic Plant Food And the Asparagus will reward you with maximum harvest of sweet tender spears.
1 - Organic Asparagus Plant Food Apply early Spring or Fall When Planting newitem1309035753
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