4 -  Artichoke Plants For Sale
4 - Artichoke Plants For Sale
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4 - Artichoke Green Globe Plants For Sale. These Green Globe Artichoke Plants are one year old. This season they will bloom and shortly thereafter produce fruit. It is important to plant Artichokes in the following manner. Artichokes like a sandy loam soil. Do not over do it on the compost. Mix in some sand, some peat moss, and a little compost. Plant deep enough to just cover the root. Water lightly. Give water till it runs out the bottom of the container. Morning sun afternoon shade. And your on your way.

2 Artichoke Globe - if possible put some "Gypsum" into the soil. Gypsum can be found at any building supply store. The crumbled pellets work best not the boards. Mix that into the soil as well. Remember Artichokes are a thistle and do not require much water. Start off in a large container and then when it is very Spring like plant to your garden.

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